Sources and credits:
Arcade History is a great Mame emulator database and a main source for this site. Updated regularly, you'll find the latest trivia, stats and info about every arcade title that currently runs on Mame.
The Video Game Museum contains a huge console and arcade-related screenshot, endings, ads, and scans compendium that has been around for quite a while. Huge.
MobyGames is a good source of screenshots, covers, and even some information about all types of games. A growing database.
The ultimate place for top quality arcade flyers, posters, manuals, and ads. Not only is there a ton of them and in great quality, but they are all free.
Quality retro gaming:
With no introduction needed, Shmups is the best online compendium of shoot'em-ups. A classic that covers games from both the arcade and home consoles. Sadly, it is hardly ever updated nowadays.
Underdog HG101 has been around for quite some time now. Despite its rustic design, it has an excellent choice of old-school games (with newer games coming to it lately too) and one of the best forums to hang out at. Updated and maintained regularly.
Poor OPCFG almost kicked the bucket some time ago in the hands of Geocities, but its archives were rescued by HG101. It still retains its classic style and silly acronym. A good compilation of retro-gaming articles.
ltsr's NES archive has been dead for a decade. Yes, a full decade. But still you can find lots of rare info and reviews about Famicom and NES titles; as well as related merchandise, clone and pirate cartridges, and even old game books and strategy guides.
Wish you could play those elusive Japanese RPGs that never made it to the western world? Wish granted. delivers and keeps track of all ROM translation and hack projects in the world. I swear.
Most likely the oldest Castlevania site, still active today. Game reviews, soundtrack downloads, a big community forum, and lots of special features straight from Transylvania.
Mr. P's Castlevania Realm, a super complete Castlevania repository featuring the series' artwork, bestiary, multimedia, reviews, tons of tiny little sprites, etc. A little hard on the eyes, but one of the best Castlevania resources online.
The Video Game Console Library is a website dedicated to documenting hardware. And lots of it! One of the most comprehensive ones on the net.
Everything you ever wanted to know about the Double Dragon series and more. Quite comprehensive. Best Double Dragon resource around.
System 16 is an amazingly extensive database of arcade cabinets' boards, pictures, the games they support, and all their fancy technical specifications.
A very stylish, quick reference site dedicated to Famicom, Super Famicom, PC Engine, and Famicom Disk System games; with a touch of love for their hardware and music.
Spiteful old-timer Jeremy Parish raises his fist in the air and yells at the neighbours' kids and their fancy 3D to get off of his lawn. Nostalgia, excellent retro reviews, one of the best forums on the net, and lots of nostalgic anecdotes of yore. Did I mention the sentimental yearning for the happiness of a former place or time?
An amazing and growing compendium of old game-magazine scans, strategy guides, advertisements, and flyers up until the year 1999. For free. Do I need to say more?
One of the best Sega sites, for Sega fans. With reviews of most of its console games and other interesting articles. Also hosting a very popular forum.
Audio and video:
"The Angry Video Game Nerd" started as a podcast based on NES titles, but eventually evolved to include most old-school game consoles. From the Atari 2600 to the Sega CD, the nerd plays all the crap so we don't have to and then uploads his angry rants for our entertainment. A highly recommended, funny lighthearted podcast.'s Retrospectives are, perhaps surprisingly, quite amazing. They often cover entire game series and are put together with professionalism, a deep understanding of the subject, and a touch of love. Impressive.

"Talking Classics" with Keith Apicary is the best thing that happened to ScrewAttack after "The Angry Video Game Nerd". Despite being the biggest, clumsiest nerd on the planet, Keith and his kid sister earned a place in every gamer's heart through cleverly funny sketches with one of the best production values of any podcast online.
The Minibosses is a band from Arizona that started playing live versions of NES soundtracks, but nowadays you can find them playing Halo tracks and more recent stuff. One of the first videogame music bands.
The guys:
Passionate blogger and all-purpose well-rounded fellow Lee knows and writes about old fighting games, hectic bullet-hell shooters, Japanese game art, and much more while he enjoys his Video Game After Life. Sounds like paradise to me, except I could swear I heard bloggers don't go to heaven.
Derek Slaton is the Video Game Archeologist, taking on the world of retrogaming with his video podcast and recently published books.
Steven is one crazy guy. One day he decided he would review all obscure Super Famicom and Saturn games ever made. Is he part of a cult? Are there any satanic influences involved? It's too late to find out, because he already succeeded. So before you start downloading that new fan-translated ROM, do yourself a favor and ask Steven if it's worth it or not.
Vyse calls himself "the determined", but truth be told he needed more than determination to finally start his own site (namely some shoving and pushing from his friends). Here you'll find an impressively rapid-growing reviews section, sprite rips, his personal game collection, and much more.
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