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This little project started out as a means to keep myself from losing my mind in a U.S. state where there isn't much to do, put the few web design basics I had learned in the past to the test, and improve my English (my native language is Spanish) by writing about my favorite hobby. And although the initial plan was to have contributing writers as well as a community forum, somewhere along the way I realized I am too big of a control freak to share this with anybody else. The result is a sort of personal retro-gaming diary that details what console I'm currently obsessed with, which game series I'm determined to beat, or what developer I'm researching at the moment. A collection of articles about the less known, often overlooked console and arcade videogames of the past that deserve a second look. Add some history and a whole bunch of trivia and you'll have a good idea of what this site is about.

You won't find any scores or rankings, though. There's a lot of that around already and it's really not what I aim for. Hopefully every game featured here, regardless of it being good or bad, will have something interesting worth your reading time. And if you happen to learn something new about its developers or the history behind it, even better!

I'm not a writer or videogame journalist in any way, nor do I aspire to ever become one. So please excuse the typos, bad grammar, or odd choice of words you might find. Again, English isn't my native language and it often shows. Lastly, and because this is a one man effort, I regret to inform you that updates aren't as frequent as other sites. I gather or take screenshots, write the articles, edit and revise them, and do all of the HTML coding, graphic design, and site maintenance myself. Not to mention I have a wonderful wife, job, and recent new career to study for. The latter is the reason why, as of April 2010 and until further notice, updates will be available in an irregular basis until I get used to the rhythm.

So fling your hate mail, ideas, suggestions, indecent proposals, broken links and found typos this way: xxxshellshockxxx@blamethecontrolpad.com , subject line "BlameTheControlPad" or "Blame The Control Pad". I aim for completion and accuracy to the point of obsession, but hey, I'm human and sometimes I fall victim of internet pseudo facts and Wikipedia booby traps. So if you happen to find what you think is an error, write me a line or two about it, will you? Feedback is always appreciated!



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