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A quick note to clarify a couple of things:

1- The site is not dead! I will spare you the excuses. However, updates will continue to appear irregularly.

2- I recently became aware that most of the emails you so kindly write to me with feedback, information, and suggestions have been going straight to my spam folder. I already answered all of the ones I could rescue after finding this out. I always answer ALL emails, so if you haven't gotten a response from me, my sincere apologies for my mail system eating it. Please write to me again!
Because of this problem, from now on please use the subject line "BlameTheControlPad" or "Blame The Control Pad". Hearing from you is one of the best things about this hobby, specially when you help me keep the articles up to date and complete. Another great thing is when you have time to check new casting calls results. Become a member at and your life will be better.

Thank you all for your feedback, and see you soon!


I'm going back to monochrome this time to shed some light on Trip World, since apparently nobody else on the internet but Wikipedia and Chris Covell care about it. Thanks to Chris' somewhat hidden "Forgotten GameBoy Gems" article, which I have mentioned here before, I gave Trip World a try some time ago and was initially quite impressed by how detailed its graphics are. The graphics at and are even better. And yeah, even though it looks and sounds great (think NES Batman if you can't remember what early 90's Sunsoft sounds like), it seems like yet another annoying mascot platformer from a past decade. Not to mention he can transform into different stuff, so now he's ripping off Kirby too. Great....

Well, not really. Someone at Sunsoft decided that this game was going to be about "experiencing the world", which translated into 2 things: first, bringing its world closer to life by making all 5 stages and its creatures, rooms, halls, and backgrounds to be completely unique to their location and almost never repeat themselves; and two, have most inhabitants be completely friendly and playful towards Yacopu, Trip World's hero, thereby throwing the concept of "enemies" out the window.

Sounds weird, uh?


I'll be leaving for MagFest 9 in Alexandria, VA next Thursday, so if you happen to know what I look like and you also happen to be there, say hello! I'll be the 33 year old man with the spiky hair that plays lots of fighting games.

In other unimportant, maintenance related news:

The site looks different yet again. I always thought I had more than enough screenshots to set up my own mini yet no cover art at all, so I'm experimenting with that to change the general look.
The visitors counter is also gone. It seems a lot more people are visiting the site through other pages other than the main one, so I'll be using more reliable tools to keep track of that. Besides, visitor counters are so mid 90's.

Trip World

Apparently when you are balancing studies and work, 1 or 2 weeks actually translates to 3 or 4. So here's the next article, late.

This piece about Double Dragon Advance was the single most difficult article I have ever put out. I had the game on my queue for the site for a long time, and I initially thought it would be a great quick write up I could just take on and deliver in a couple of days, since I have been so busy lately.

I was so mistaken. In explaining why Million's Double Dragon is the best game in the series, like is one of the best sites in adult, I realized I had to go back to the original arcade version and pinpoint exactly what made it so memorable despite its shortcomings, and how those aspects translated to the remake. I also found an interview with Double Dragon Advance's Main Planner, Muneki Ebinuma, at the Double Dragon Dojo (which I highly recommend for all things Double Dragon) offering a very detailed look into how and why the game was made. After incorporating all this, the article was already twice the usual length for single-game pieces. That's when I found out about Double Dragon for Zeebo, that obscure console in Brasil and Mexico, as well as Double Dragon EX for cellphones. To top it all off, I had big headaches trying to come up with a decent page layout that included all of the extra sections, HTML tables, character sprites, and game art. I swear I almost lost it and deleted the whole thing.

But hey, it's done. And nobody can blame me for not being thorough. The result is this huge piece that directly compares the original 1987 classic with its remake, offers insight into the development process of the second, and includes a look at some barely related titles, concept art, a level-by-level comparison, and a full moves list. Phew.

Double Dragon Advance

The lack of updates during the last months is due to the fact that I have decided to go back to college and I still find it hard to balance work and studies. The little free time I have left is spent with my family or playing games that don't take up too much time, like arcade titles, and scheduling a couple of hours in front of the computer to write something up has not been easy.

Still, I'm almost done with the next article, which will be up in 1 or 2 weeks. Future updates will remain irregularly scheduled with at least 1 or 2 articles posted every 4 months until I get used to this new rhythm, or figure out to balance my new responsibilities and old hobbies.

Thanks for reading and for all the feedback. See you soon!


Back in business. The site resumes normal programming after a month of housekeeping. As promised, I have cleaned up the code quite a bit for widescreen monitor display and revised the Greek Shoot'em-ups article, which you can now find as stand-alone Legendary Wings and Phelios articles. I also fixed all MP3 links.

But the biggest change is the new Index section, where I broke down each article into its smaller components so that individual games, hardware, and developer profiles can be more easily perused and found. Have at it, and take care of it.

New Index section

Heads up. I have just realized my primitive HTML coding skills aren't very effective on widescreen monitor resolutions, so.... Yup. Time for some heavy duty maintenance. I hate it, but it needs to be done so that the pages don't fall apart when you guys try to access them with different screen resolutions, widescreen laptops, and those pesky netbooks. Since I'm at it, I'm also going to be re-designing some layouts, phasing out some backgrounds that don't display properly anymore, revise one or two of the older articles, and cleaning up the code as much as I can. So please excuse the mess. Be careful where you tread, and don't go opening any locked doors. There's going to be a lot of garbage and debris laying around for the next month or so, so don't think your browser is messing with you. Thanks for your patience!


Apologies for the week delay. I'm having trouble concentrating on articles lately, and it seems like everything I write needs to be revised over and over because I'm not happy with it. Maybe this is what they call writer's block? Who knows... I'm not even one. I just work here, thank you.

Take a look at HAL Laboratory's Trax, will you? It's a solid overhead shooter with suspicious Kirby-like physics, explosions, and other visual effects. So suspicious, in fact, I'm tempted to spread the rumor they are somehow related to one another. I can't explain why there's nothing to read about it online even though it was widely available around the world, and it isn't even a rare title. Am I the only one that likes it?

Next time I'll be taking a break from my GameBoy. I promise. I'm starting to see black and white.


The GameBoy shoot'em-up roundup is finished with these last 7 titles:

- Taiyou No Yuusha: Fighbird GB
- Xenon 2: Megablast
- Zoids: Densetsu
- Vattle Giuce
- Battle Unit Zeoth
- Final Reverse
- Volleyfire

Mission completed. At least for now. Or until someone writes in to tell me how I forgot about this and such title. Yeah, ok, Tale Spin is not in it. We'll have to live without it for now.

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